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Boat to Siem Reap

If time is on your side, the most beautifully adventurous journey from between Battambang and Siem Reap by boat if you take a journey from Phnom Penh or Poipet Border to Battambang . Boat to Siem Reap is a great way to see the floating villages. Water levels were low and had to make the pick up truck. It is a truly unique experience and gives a real insight into rural Cambodian life. Boat to Siem Reap is not very comfortable but that’s not the point. You are there for the experience and the scenery. 100 percent must do if you came from Phnom Penh & Poipet Border then take a Boat to Siem Reap.

There’s only one catch…

This route is highly impacted by the water level. Unfortunately the dry season hits Cambodia between April and June, when Poseidon and his team of Cambodian aquatic distributors are on their infamous annual strike.

The waters and the boat will usually be fully flowing again from July to March. The wet season baby!

So, what makes this journey so special?

The 8 hours from Battambang by boat to Siem Reap, It is journey gives you a unique insight into the rural Cambodian lifestyle. Grab a seat on the sun deck, feel the breeze slowly whistle past your ears, and breathe in that fresh air. The atmosphere is tranquil, the views are mesmerizing, and the small fishing villages float on by into the horizon Tickets for the journey cost around $20, and the day trip will take between 8 and 10 hours.

Boat Trip Cost

  • Private 200 USD to Siem Trap.
  • Share 20 USD per person to Siem Reap


  • Pickup and send off.

Cancellation & Booking

  • Cancel & booking one day before.
  • Have to make appointment where to pickup.
  • Missing money when cancel tour early.
  • Pay before leaving to Battambang.

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