Koh Ker-Preah Vihea Trip

Koh Ker-Preah Vihea Trip

The amazing full day private tour discovering the charming beauty of Cambodia gives you a great opportunity to pay a visit to many famous tourist attractions including: the Koh Ker-Preah Vihea Trip. Joining in this tour, you will definitely have unforgettable experiences, admire these magnificent landscapes.

Amazing temple light highly. Please do not skip Preah Vihear temple if you are visiting Siem Reap. A panorama view of Cambodia and Thai border up there is just beautiful, the architecture of this temple is different from all the site in Siem Reap, the space is wider and layout is much easier to access.

What to Expect

Visit the beautiful temple of Preah Vihear, a famous UNESCO World Heritage site, near the Thai border in Cambodia. You will depart in the morning from Siem Reap and drive to Preah Vihear by private air conditioned car with English speaking driver. but we will can see Ta Mouk Man Home ( Khmer Rouge ) at the Angloung Veng Village. after we will continue to Preah Vihear temple.

When we arrive at Preah Vihear we need to change into a 4 wheel drive to drive up the temple. This takes around 15 minutes. Preah Vihear was built during Angko rian times and is a Hindu temple. From the temple you have a spectacular view of the surroundings.

The temple of Preah Vihear was declared an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. For a long time there has been a dispute about whether the temple belongs to Thailand or Cambodia, but in 1962 the International court ruled that it is part of Cambodia. In 2008 the dispute revived, but the general agreement is still that Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia.

After visiting the very interesting site of Preah Vihear we drive to Koh Ker, the pyramid temple. It is a temple unlike any other temple you will see in Cambodia. Koh Ker used to be the capital of the Khmer empire and is an important historic site. You will visit the pyramid temple as well as a few smaller temples in the area.

During the tour you are treated to a nice local lunch in a local restaurant.
Afterwards we drive back to Siem Reap. 
Note: Please do not forget bring your passport because it will be checked at Preah Vihear.

Highlight tour

  1. Koh Ker Group :
  2. Brasat Thom ( similar Pyramid).
  3. Brasat Bram.
  4. Brasat Lingas.
  5. Brasat Chin.
  6. Boeng Khnar.
  7. Damrei Kandoeng.
  8. Aob Neang.
  9. Prasat Chrap.
  10. Angdong Preng.
  11. Prasat Krachap.
  12. Banteay Pichean temples ).
  13. Preh Vihear temple.
  14. Ta Mouk House (Khmer Rouge Leader).


  • By car cost 140$.
  • By mini van cost 160$.


  • Entrance fee.
  • Meal.
  • Guide.
  • Go up to mountain top


  • Pick up &  Send back.
  • Driver with transport.
  • Minerals waters & Cold towels.


  • This tour start early morning at 7:30AM and will be finish around 7:00PM.
  • Only can use car or Mini Van for transport.


  • Extra pay for $25 for the truck to transfer go up to the mountain top of Preah Vihear ( Truck can drive 6 people).
  • Temple pass $10 per person (Entrance fee).

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Siem Reap to Battambang

Siem Reap to Battambang

Do not miss out the heart and soul of Cambodia. Came and visit Battambang provincial. Enjoy a full-day tour from Siem Reap to Battambang. See the city of Battambang’s elegant French architecture. Visit tranquil temples, ride a bamboo train through rice paddies, discover pretty villages, and see Cambodia’s Killing Caves.

Battambang city is the capital city of Battambang province in north western Cambodia. Founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire, Battambang is well known for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. The city is situated by the Sangkae River, A tranquil, Small body of water that winds its way through Battambang Province providing its nice picturesque setting. The French Colonial architecture is an attractive bonus of the city. It is home to some of the best preserved French colonial architecture in the country.

Highlight for one day tour

  • Psha Nat market (Big local market). Colonial building.
  • Bamboo Train.
  • Phnom Sampau mountain : Killing cave. Golden tower.
  • Monkey forest.
  • Two big Russian Canon guns.
  • Bat cave “million bats fly out from cave”.


  • By car 100$.
  • By mini van 135$.


  • This one day tours start from Siem Reap straight ahead to Battambang and making tour on same day.the we’ll go back to Siem Reap at evening when we finish tours.

Highlight for two day tour

  1. First day:
  • Psha Nat market (Big local market).
  • Colonial building.
  • Provincial Hall.
  • Old Bridge.
  • Museum.
  • Old train station).
  • Big black statue (Tadombong Krohnong).
  • Handicraft (Rice paper “for spring roll”. Rice Wine. Fish Paste market. Bamboo sticky rice. Banana slice. Forging.
  • Wat Samroung Knong “Killing field”
  • Wat Ek Phnom temple.
  • Night Light.
  1. Second day:
  • Bamboo Train.
  • Winerry.
  • Countyside (Fishing village. Ancient House).
  • Banan Temple.
  • Phnom Sampau mountain (Killing cave. Golden tower. Bat cave “million bats fly out from cave”. Monkey forest. Two big Russian Canon guns ).


  • Start early morning at 7:30am.


  • By Car $140 .
  • By Mini Van $160.


  • Pick Up & Transfer.
  • Cold mineral waters.
  • Cold towels.
  • Guiding


  • Pay for Bamboo train $5 each.
  • Pay for Banan temple & Phnom Sampau 3$ each.
  • Testing of handicraft tour.
  • Hotel.
  • Meal.


  • This two days tours start from Siem Reap drive straight ahead to Battambang then making tours and sleep at Battambang for one night. We’ll continue to make a tours again in the morning then go back to Siem Reap when we finish tours.
  • You will be picked up from your hotel and drop back after the tour, today tour you will cover with the following sites.

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Siem Reap Shooting Range

Siem Reap Shooting Range , Many people think to come to Cambodia in addition to sightseeing attractions such as mountains or sea, Angor Wat, tourists want adventure tour or love challenges.But also need to travel relatively longtime. Or someone not have enough time.

Cambodia Siem Reap Shooting Range, Cambodia. we have another option for tourists, who don’t have enough time. And we are located in downtown Cambodia, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the bus or Taxi. It takes only 30 minutes including transfer from and to you hotel or any other place in Cambodia .

Our large shooting range is distance of 25 meters with a capacity that will fit more than 20 people to shoot all at once. A technical will be present to instruct you at all times, so even a group of first timers, women or elderly may enjoy a safe and a pleasant shooting. And for serious shooters who wish to skill-up their shooting techniques and score-up their shooting ability, a well-trained officer may instruct you individually if requested.