Waterfall of Phnom Kolen Tour

Phnom Kolen Tour

Kolen mountain is Phnom called by the name of one plant. It is located in the northeast and distance is approximately 50 Km from Siem Reap city, it is 300 to 400 meters high and over 40 kilometers long , by locating on an axis with a northwest to southeast direction. The back of the mountain is the field smooth and stretch out along the mountain range and there is good fresh air and a lot of people lving.

Phnom Kolen is a place of historical cultural significance and was the first capital in the Angkor era which represents peace, national reconciliation after the Khmer Empire was ruled of the Javanese.

Most beautiful local attraction “Phnom Kolen Tour” in Siem Reap

Kulen, it was capital Khmer had been cover jungle, secret spot of river of 1000 Lingas of Shiva images at river bank, 16th Reclining Buddha, spot of waterfall holly water though which glue over Angkor Wat via Siem Reap river to lake Tonle Sap Lake. The Phnom Kulen National Park is quite iconic in its own as kings of old times here carved Shiva lingas on river bed so as water flow through it becomes holy and sacred. Also its quite lush green dense forest around with waterfall and big sleeping Buddha statue at hill top. Cambodia trip is incomplete without visiting this place as a holy site.

What to Expert

Pick up tickets in town first, get the car to drop at the base of the mountain (along the road to the right of the main ticket booth about 1km), walk around the sites and 1000 Lingas Carving, waterfall, Preah Angthom Pagoda.

Walk up to the big status of Buddha is really great, it starts with a mass of steps, along the way there are two pagodas (one old and one under construction) and a small pool if you already need to freshen up. The waterfall is beautiful and you can get really close to it. There are two waterfalls. First is smaller on the top and the larger one is connecting from the first one to lower level. We can swim in the lager one. You can store you things in a locker that’s at the base of the waterfall. It’s a small fee about $1-2 USD to rent one and they give you a key you can put on your wrist so you won’t lose it.

Highlight tour

  • Phnom Kolen Mountain:
  • Waterfall.
  • Thousand lingas River.
  • Big Reclining Buddha Statue.


  • By car $65 .
  • By mini van $75.


  • Pick up & send back.
  • Driver with Transport.
  • Cool Minarral waters & Cool towels.


  • Entrance fee cost $20 each.
  • Meal.


  • Dresses for swimming, you can take it with you if you want to swimming.
  • The cancellation must be done a week in advanced.
  • Suitable clothes are required at The Big Reclining Buddha Statue.
  • Beside the Highlight tour above, Phnom Kulen still has a lot more historical and natural tourism sites there. To explore them, the tourists will be recommended to use local transportation service with the acceptable cost. $15 extra charge for tour guide.

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