Floating village tour in Siem Reap

Floating Village Tour

Siem Reap floating village Tour has four places and different direction but still in Siem Reap Province. Floating there’re Kompong Pluk, Kompong Kleang, Chong Kneas, Me Chrei. I would like to recommend a good place is  Kompong Pluk. It’s at the edge of the Tonle Sap Lake.

Are you interested in seeing more than just the floating village tour in? We are happy to provide private tours based on your particular interests, needs and time frame. We have worked with everyone from large groups, student volunteers, and families to provide exciting experiences for tourists and meaningful benefits to the community at large.

We have also developed some unique private tours and you will find three examples below that we have done in the past with guests. Feel free to mix and match or send us some of your thoughts so we can create the perfect itinerary for you and your group. We are very open to different ideas and are constantly developing the “oating village tour” so please do not hesitate to send questions or requests.

About Siem Reap Floating village tour

*Viewing of Kompong Pluk

Kampong Pluk is about 35 Km locates on the Southeast of Siem Reap Town. the other by overland just thirty minutes by tuktuk , upon arrival at dock meet a boatman drives a long a small stream to the village. It’s along the way to Rolous village but still far from Rolous group temple.

You will be asked to take a boat trip for visiting if you want to see floating village. There’re Floating House, Told House (Life style of Fishermen), Village on the Island on Tonle Sap lake, Floating Forest.

Cost for Transport

  • By Tuk’Tuk USD$20.
  • By Car USD$30.
  • By mini van USD$40.


  • Cold waters & Towels.
  • Pick up & send back.
  • Drive with Transport.


  • Meal.
  • Boat Trip.


  • You are able to go to see anytime at day but have to leave hotel at 3:30PM if you want to see sunset on the lake.


  • One person = $30 for boat trip.
  • Two people up to = $20 each.