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Full Day Bike Tour

Bike tour for full day

Full Day Bike Tour

This is a fun way to explore the countryside around southern Battambang. The full day bike tour is organized for cyclists of all skill level who want to see and learn about the local villages around the countryside with a local guide. This tour allows you to combine the joy of countryside cycling with discovering and learning about Khmer (Cambodian) culture and lifestyles. The full-day tour includes a visit of an ancient house, Buddhist temple, rice wine distillery, and small rural dried banana and rice paper factories. You will get face-to-face interactions with locals from the place you visit.

Highlight Tour

Bamboo Train

Despite being briefly closed in 2017, Battambang’s original Bamboo Train is back open! There is also a new Bamboo Train nearby. The Battambang Bamboo Train is a truly unique highlight to any visit to Battambang and cannot be missed!

Traditional Wooden House

This full day we will bike tour to Wat Kor village and visit an old traditional wooden house that was built in 1920 and is still well maintained. Walking around this ancient house is like walking back in time.

Buddhist Temple

Theravada Buddhism is the official religion in Cambodia , and is practiced by 95 percent of the population. We will visit a Buddhist Wat (temple) and pagoda (temple complex) and learn about the Khmer Buddhist tradition.

Fishing Village Exploration

Tonle Sap Lake is surrounded by five Cambodian provinces, stretching across the northwest section of the country. More than three million Cambodians reside around the bank of the lake, and 90% of them earn a living through fishing and lake-side agriculture, including rice and vegetables. During our visit to one such fishing village at Cham Place ( Islam Cambodia), you will learn from villagers about how to use a traditional Cambodian fishing net and get the chance to try to catch fish with the locals.

Cambodian Rice Whisky

Cambodian spirits have traditionally been made from rice. Along with enjoying rice spirits as a simple daily social pleasure, Khmer people drink rice spirit both ceremonially and for traditional medicine. Cambodian rice whiskey is fermented with herb, roots, and sometimes with poisonous animals like tarantula, cobra, and scorpion. During our visit, we will not only see how rice whiskey is made, but will have the chance to raise a glass together!

Rice Paper Making

Battambang rice paper is a uniquely local product. At our visit to the Rice Paper factory, you will observe how locals make rice paper is made, and get to join in on the action! You will also have a chance to taste delicious fresh and fried spring rolls made with the rice paper.

Dried Banana

We will cycle to visit a local family who makes dried banana chips, a well-known and delicious traditional snack in the village. You will learn how dried banana chips are made and get a chance to try your hand at thin-slicing a banana. You will have time to interact with locals and learn about their daily life and the local traditions of Cambodia from your local tour guide.


  • USD$35/person.


  • 7 hours.
  • Begins at 8:30AM.
  • Distance about 40KM.

Meeting Point

  • We will pick you up from your hotel


  • One drink before or after the tour.
  • Friendly, English-speaking guide.
  • High quality imported mountain bike (Giant bike).
  • Helmet.
  • Ticket for Bamboo Train.
  • Snacks and food samples along the way.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant.


  • Biking clothes and shoes
  • Personal expenses (pocket money)
  • Personal travel insurance

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