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Full-Day Battambang Tour

This cycling tour is intended for those interested in exploring the rural lifestyle and culture of the locals as well as discovering the best-kept secrets of certain places.

Guests who want to experience the countryside by cycling in Battambang all day can ride through the countryside roads to learn about history and culture. Cambodia’s richness in addition to the usual tourist attractions

This tour aims to take you out of the clutter of traffic jams, as you will cycle through small rural roads to see the villages and explore the lives of farmers while enjoying local Khmer handicrafts.

This full-day cycling tour will connect with the local community through the Cambodians in the village. It is a unique experience for those travelers who are interested in looking more meaningfully at and getting closer to rural Khmer life.

You will be able to see and learn a lot of interesting things from the locals in their village. This kind of experience aims to provide insight into Khmer culture and allow visitors to see the real life of a Khmer family by trying Khmer food, learning to speak Khmer phrases, and visiting pagodas, schools, markets, and silk weaving villages.



Published by Battambang Tour

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