Short Tour

Battambang short Tour do with the main thing in Battambang and it’s easy for tourists who don’t have much time in Battambang Province. So Battambang short tour recommend tourists to see the best attraction called Phnom Sampau mountain.

Phnom Sampeau is best visiting in early morning or late afternoon when the light and the spectacular views are at their best. The best point for sunrise or sunset on mountain top of Phnom Sampau. You can see sunrise with a short tour in Battambang If you hurry up to take the bus on the afternoon or you arrival to Battambang late on noon time.

What to Expect

*Sunrise tour

Leave the city early morning with a guide who is your driver, take a TukTuk straight to Phnom Sampau mountain where is the best spot for Sunrise. we will be going up to mountain top by a truck that we have to rend it with driver for going up to see sunrise and after that we finish this place around 630AM and continue tour by TukTuk back to see Bamboo Train that is a last one for this short tour of Battambang.

We will be spend here in one hour for riding Bamboo Train around one hour to see countryside on railway . this is the last thing that we will be finish this short tour on the morning.

*Sunset tour

*We will start around noon after your dinner on the first of this short tour in Battambang . we go to see original Bamboo Train at Odombong Village. we will be here about an hour if you ride Bamboo Train.

*After have fun by riding Bamboo Train in the afternoon , we start by TukTuk again to Phnom Sampua mountain that we can see Killing cave, Landscape with sunset and bat cave.

Highlights Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Countryside , villages, rice field…
  • Phnom Sampeau : Golden Towers temple. Big Canon Guns. Monkey Forest. Natural Cave. Killing Cave. Sunset or Sunrise with landscape. 


  • Start early morning at 4:30am if you want to see sunrise .
  • Start late around noon and will be finish around 6:30pm.


  • Tour Guide ( No licence ).
  • Transport with driver.
  • Cool waters.


  • Meal
  • Entrance fee.


  • By tuktuk cost  $15/Group


  • Sunrise extra more $5 ( driver ) if you want to see. and you couldn’t see bat fly out from cave if you start early to see sunrise .

City Tour

Battambang City Tour doing around colonial buildings, that was colonial by Thailand and French. This tour will take you to know Cambodian history and learn history with local tour guide who has experience long year.

What’s Battambang?

Battambang, located in northwestern Cambodia, contains the second most populous city in the country after Phnom Penh capital city. also this city, has always been a popular destination for its nearby ancient temples, French colonial architecture, and Buddhist shrines. Sitting on the Sangker River just south west of the Tonle Sap Lake, this town is at the heart of Cambodia and it maintains an untouched, bucolic feel.

The streets are filled with remarkably well-preserved French colonial buildings alongside traditional Cambodian houses. The nearby countryside harbors old pagodas, Angkorian era ruins, caves, waterfalls, and Khmer Rouge period killing fields. let learn more in this Battambang city tour with guide who can explain in tour, Mr Lychee.

What to Expect

*This Battambang city tour still explore Bamboo Train to know how it work for local people and what they use it for .! And we can see Bamboo train anytime before city tour or do it first.

*We will learn and see local people in local market ( Phsa Nat ) what they selling and why they sell same products. after visit local market ,we will continue to see old French building nearby this market and going to see old train railway.

*After one hour in market, start going to National museum and see . but we will not spend here as long . we will continue to see Guns of Dragon to know when Cambodia peaceful . and going to see Provincial Hall with Old French Bridge.

*We will never forget to learn why we called this city : Battambang ? so we going to Tadambong Kro Aung Statue that is a black man statue to know why.! and the last thing is Romvong Moul Deibrambei Statue where lived on the way to Siem Reap and Poipet border.

Highlight Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Spha Nat Market ( Spha Thom old building).
  • Museum. 
  • Old Train Station. 
  • Guns of Dragon. ( Peace of dragon made from guns). 
  • Tadambong Kro Aung Statue
  • Romvong Moul Deibrambei Statue. 
  • Provincial Hall. 
  • Old French Bridge. 
  • Old City building.


  • Spending time for tour 6 hours.
  • Will be finish at night but depends on sightseeing tour or depending on you.


  • Tour Guide (No licence)
  • Cool waters.
  • Transport with English Speaking Driver.
  • Pick up and send off.


  • Meal.
  • Entrance fee.


  • A person $12.
  • Two to three people $7 each.
  • Three people up $5 each.


  • Have to cancelled a week before.


  • Discuss for plan and time to start first before doing tour.
  • Driver decide where to see first.