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Handicraft Tour

Handicraft tour in Battambang

Battambang Handicraft Tour” meant in tour there are local products but also this handicraft tour of Battambang still can see tourist attraction as Bamboo Train and Wat Ek Phnom temple. we will visit local people making products by hands in villages that we can get test all products in places. Also we’ll have an experience how are they making.

This handicraft tour in Battambang also immerse yourself in rural Cambodia on this tour around countryside. On this private tour, instead of getting lost in the crowd and feeling like an observer, enjoy intimate visits to the kitchens, factories, and markets run by local villagers. Learn how to make delicacies like Khmer noodles and bamboo rice cakes, hear about the foods and traditions that define local life, and even sample some of the products that you’ve seen being made in a freshly-made complimentary lunch.

What To Expect

*Memorial Site First up, we will be take tuktuk to original Bamboo Train station. we will be spending here around one hour if you ride Bamboo train.

*We will continue after Bamboo Train and take a tuktuk to a local memorial site dedicated to Khmer Rouge victims. We will fill you in about this difficult period of Cambodia’s history in Wat Samrong Knong, but will also speak about its effect on modern-day Cambodian society.

*Bamboo Rice Cakes On our next stop, we will pay a visit to the makers of bamboo rice cakes. Find out more about the processes involved in the making of this special countryside delicacy, and yes—you may sample a taste!

*Fish Paste Making : We will then make our way towards a local fish paste market. The smell may be slightly overwhelming for some, but we’re sure you’ll find this stop fascinating! As you watch the processes of fish paste making, you’ll learn about the fishing culture in Battambng Handicraft Tour and the community that depends on the sea for its sustenance.

*Rice Wine : we will then take tuktuk again to Donteav Village, located roughly 7 kilometers from the town center. With the development of Cambodian tourism, this little village has built a reputation for its quaint, handmade and home-grown products. At Donteav, we will check out the processes involved in the making of rice paper, a staple that can be found in many Asian cuisines such as spring rolls.

*Yes ..! also we will never forget the old temple call Wat Ek Phnom. This temple so amazing with scenic of big Buddha. we rest here for awhile with shadow of tree .

*Rice Paper Making On our next stop, we will find out more about the humble banana—a fruit native to Battambang. We will meet a local villager who has been involved in the dried banana trade for more than 20 years and discover how this simple trade has sustained the lives of many families in the village. Local Lunch, local cuisine Hungry yet? We bet you will be! At this point, we will take a break at the Rice Paper Stop, where we will enjoy a delicious local lunch served with refreshing coconut water. There are hammocks here too, so you are more than welcome to relax and have a short snooze; or you may opt to chat to your friendly guides, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Highlight Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Sticky rice bamboo (Bamboo Cake).
  • Fish Paste Market ( Where they’re making Cambodian cheese).
  • Rice Paper ( Spring Roll product).
  • Banana Slice or Banana Paper.
  • Rice Win ( Win Making from rices).
  • Wat Samroungkl Knong (Killing Field).
  • Blacksmith ( making knife ..). 
  • Wat Ek Phnom ( Temple ).


  • Tours about 4 to 5 hours.
  • Will be finish tour after bat fly out around noon time.


  • Tour Guide. ( No licence )
  • Cool Waters.
  • Transport with English Speaking driver.


  • Meal.
  • Entrance fee.

Cost Transport

  • By tuktuk USD$15/Group.


  • A week cancelling before when you booked  in a month or longer.
  • One day before cancelling when you booked one day before.


  • Driver decided where to see first and let dicuss first when we start tour.
  • We can talk about the time for tour.The price can talk with 3 to 4 or 5 people.

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