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Battambang Trip ជំរាបសួរ Chumreab Suo : Hello Dear Value Clients

I am Lichheang Chea, Called Lychee and I would like to share the best parts of Battambang Countryside with you. I can get you to the best spots in peace for photo! I am proud to take the best care of my clients and provide the safest and most reliable tuk tuk service available. i will use all the skills that i have gained from my school and worked experience to give the best service. you will have a great time on this tour. i will give  you an opportunity that you had never had before. what i am doing with my trip is different from others. i will bring you to the countryside and the villages where you will have an unforgettable time seeing beautiful places and learning about my culture, history, people and their lifestyle…  tability facilitator in Peam Ek commune Battambang province.


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