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Handicraft Tour

Battambang Handicraft Tour” meant in tour there are local products but also this handicraft tour of Battambang still can see tourist attraction as Bamboo Train and Wat Ek Phnom temple. we will visit local people making products by hands in villages that we can get test all products in places. Also we’ll have an experience how are they making.

This handicraft tour in Battambang also immerse yourself in rural Cambodia on this tour around countryside. On this private tour, instead of getting lost in the crowd and feeling like an observer, enjoy intimate visits to the kitchens, factories, and markets run by local villagers. Learn how to make delicacies like Khmer noodles and bamboo rice cakes, hear about the foods and traditions that define local life, and even sample some of the products that you’ve seen being made in a freshly-made complimentary lunch.

What To Expect

*Memorial Site First up, we will be take tuktuk to original Bamboo Train station. we will be spending here around one hour if you ride Bamboo train.

*We will continue after Bamboo Train and take a tuktuk to a local memorial site dedicated to Khmer Rouge victims. We will fill you in about this difficult period of Cambodia’s history in Wat Samrong Knong, but will also speak about its effect on modern-day Cambodian society.

*Bamboo Rice Cakes On our next stop, we will pay a visit to the makers of bamboo rice cakes. Find out more about the processes involved in the making of this special countryside delicacy, and yes—you may sample a taste!

*Fish Paste Making : We will then make our way towards a local fish paste market. The smell may be slightly overwhelming for some, but we’re sure you’ll find this stop fascinating! As you watch the processes of fish paste making, you’ll learn about the fishing culture in Battambng Handicraft Tour and the community that depends on the sea for its sustenance.

*Rice Wine : we will then take tuktuk again to Donteav Village, located roughly 7 kilometers from the town center. With the development of Cambodian tourism, this little village has built a reputation for its quaint, handmade and home-grown products. At Donteav, we will check out the processes involved in the making of rice paper, a staple that can be found in many Asian cuisines such as spring rolls.

*Yes ..! also we will never forget the old temple call Wat Ek Phnom. This temple so amazing with scenic of big Buddha. we rest here for awhile with shadow of tree .

*Rice Paper Making On our next stop, we will find out more about the humble banana—a fruit native to Battambang. We will meet a local villager who has been involved in the dried banana trade for more than 20 years and discover how this simple trade has sustained the lives of many families in the village. Local Lunch, local cuisine Hungry yet? We bet you will be! At this point, we will take a break at the Rice Paper Stop, where we will enjoy a delicious local lunch served with refreshing coconut water. There are hammocks here too, so you are more than welcome to relax and have a short snooze; or you may opt to chat to your friendly guides, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Highlight Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Sticky rice bamboo (Bamboo Cake).
  • Fish Paste Market ( Where they’re making Cambodian cheese).
  • Rice Paper ( Spring Roll product).
  • Banana Slice or Banana Paper.
  • Rice Win ( Win Making from rices).
  • Wat Samroungkl Knong (Killing Field).
  • Blacksmith ( making knife ..). 
  • Wat Ek Phnom ( Temple ).


  • Tours about 4 to 5 hours.
  • Will be finish tour after bat fly out around noon time.


  • Tour Guide. ( No licence )
  • Cool Waters.
  • Transport with English Speaking driver.


  • Meal.
  • Entrance fee.

Cost Transport

  • By tuktuk USD$15/Group.


  • A week cancelling before when you booked  in a month or longer.
  • One day before cancelling when you booked one day before.


  • Driver decided where to see first and let dicuss first when we start tour.
  • We can talk about the time for tour.The price can talk with 3 to 4 or 5 people.

Short Tour

Battambang short Tour do with the main thing in Battambang and it’s easy for tourists who don’t have much time in Battambang Province. So Battambang short tour recommend tourists to see the best attraction called Phnom Sampau mountain.

Phnom Sampeau is best visiting in early morning or late afternoon when the light and the spectacular views are at their best. The best point for sunrise or sunset on mountain top of Phnom Sampau. You can see sunrise with a short tour in Battambang If you hurry up to take the bus on the afternoon or you arrival to Battambang late on noon time.

What to Expect

*Sunrise tour

Leave the city early morning with a guide who is your driver, take a TukTuk straight to Phnom Sampau mountain where is the best spot for Sunrise. we will be going up to mountain top by a truck that we have to rend it with driver for going up to see sunrise and after that we finish this place around 630AM and continue tour by TukTuk back to see Bamboo Train that is a last one for this short tour of Battambang.

We will be spend here in one hour for riding Bamboo Train around one hour to see countryside on railway . this is the last thing that we will be finish this short tour on the morning.

*Sunset tour

*We will start around noon after your dinner on the first of this short tour in Battambang . we go to see original Bamboo Train at Odombong Village. we will be here about an hour if you ride Bamboo Train.

*After have fun by riding Bamboo Train in the afternoon , we start by TukTuk again to Phnom Sampua mountain that we can see Killing cave, Landscape with sunset and bat cave.

Highlights Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Countryside , villages, rice field…
  • Phnom Sampeau : Golden Towers temple. Big Canon Guns. Monkey Forest. Natural Cave. Killing Cave. Sunset or Sunrise with landscape. 


  • Start early morning at 4:30am if you want to see sunrise .
  • Start late around noon and will be finish around 6:30pm.


  • Tour Guide ( No licence ).
  • Transport with driver.
  • Cool waters.


  • Meal
  • Entrance fee.


  • By tuktuk cost  $15/Group


  • Sunrise extra more $5 ( driver ) if you want to see. and you couldn’t see bat fly out from cave if you start early to see sunrise .

City Tour

Battambang City Tour doing around colonial buildings, that was colonial by Thailand and French. This tour will take you to know Cambodian history and learn history with local tour guide who has experience long year.

What’s Battambang?

Battambang, located in northwestern Cambodia, contains the second most populous city in the country after Phnom Penh capital city. also this city, has always been a popular destination for its nearby ancient temples, French colonial architecture, and Buddhist shrines. Sitting on the Sangker River just south west of the Tonle Sap Lake, this town is at the heart of Cambodia and it maintains an untouched, bucolic feel.

The streets are filled with remarkably well-preserved French colonial buildings alongside traditional Cambodian houses. The nearby countryside harbors old pagodas, Angkorian era ruins, caves, waterfalls, and Khmer Rouge period killing fields. let learn more in this Battambang city tour with guide who can explain in tour, Mr Lychee.

What to Expect

*This Battambang city tour still explore Bamboo Train to know how it work for local people and what they use it for .! And we can see Bamboo train anytime before city tour or do it first.

*We will learn and see local people in local market ( Phsa Nat ) what they selling and why they sell same products. after visit local market ,we will continue to see old French building nearby this market and going to see old train railway.

*After one hour in market, start going to National museum and see . but we will not spend here as long . we will continue to see Guns of Dragon to know when Cambodia peaceful . and going to see Provincial Hall with Old French Bridge.

*We will never forget to learn why we called this city : Battambang ? so we going to Tadambong Kro Aung Statue that is a black man statue to know why.! and the last thing is Romvong Moul Deibrambei Statue where lived on the way to Siem Reap and Poipet border.

Highlight Tour

  • Bamboo Train.
  • Spha Nat Market ( Spha Thom old building).
  • Museum. 
  • Old Train Station. 
  • Guns of Dragon. ( Peace of dragon made from guns). 
  • Tadambong Kro Aung Statue
  • Romvong Moul Deibrambei Statue. 
  • Provincial Hall. 
  • Old French Bridge. 
  • Old City building.


  • Spending time for tour 6 hours.
  • Will be finish at night but depends on sightseeing tour or depending on you.


  • Tour Guide (No licence)
  • Cool waters.
  • Transport with English Speaking Driver.
  • Pick up and send off.


  • Meal.
  • Entrance fee.


  • A person $12.
  • Two to three people $7 each.
  • Three people up $5 each.


  • Have to cancelled a week before.


  • Discuss for plan and time to start first before doing tour.
  • Driver decide where to see first.

Motorbike Tour

The first and longest running resident battambang motorbike adventure tour operator.

Battambang Motorbike Tour specializes in day and multi-day tours on 125cc Honda Dream motorbikes. Great fun, exciting and educational, we train you and ride you out into spectacular untouched countryside, the lands of the Ancient Khmer and their hidden temples. No motorbike experience necessary, we train you until you’re comfortable riding on your own. Come travel with our guide motorbike tour through the beautiful, idyllic Cambodian countryside to meet local families and learn about Cambodian culture, livelihoods, and history.

Battambang Motorbike Tour would looking for an adventure? Think you can handle around 80km ride? join us for the ultimate countryside experience. along the way learn about traditional village life, religion in Cambodia, and have a well lunch at village. we bike tour to see the complexities within Cambodian culture. How do ethnicity ( Cham ) , religions, and cultures mix and meld in modern Cambodia? we will take you to a Muslim village (Cham village), a Buddhist and Hindu temple and give you insights into the intricacies of Cambodian life. Engage your sense of adventure with a motorbike Tour. Experience and taste rural Cambodian life for yourself! Learn about every day life in rural communities. Battambang Motorbike Tour along shaded routes lined with banana palms, fruit orchards, and traditional wooden houses. Chat with the local vendors, try their goods, and enjoy the countryside they call home.

Top Experience Off-road of Battambang motorbike tour, riding motorcycle or learning to ride, breathtaking view, rice field and Sightseeing.

Meet and greet with the local villagers, remote hindu Temples if above are on your list, get ready to cross it off with us right here in Battambang motorbike adventures tour. It’s located in the heart of Cambodia is Battambang best choice for tour with motorbike adventure tour. we guarantee that you will not be hesitated to recommend it to your friends whether it’s a multi-day tours or even a day tour.

Beside the scooter tour, we’re the first established dirt bike and off-road extreme adventures with the top experienced team in Battambang Cambodia.

Highlights Tour

  • Handicrafts : Rice Wine. Rice Paper. Banana Slice. Khmer Rice Noodle. Blacksmith. Fish Paste Market.
  • Wat Samroung Kong Pagoda.
  • Wat Ekphnom temple.
  • Ethnicity  ( Cham People Life ).
  • Wat Banan temple.
  • Riverbank (Vegetables farm).
  • Ethnicity of Cham village.
  • Suspension bridge.
  • Countryside.
  • Phnom Sampeou mountain (Killing cave, Golden Buddhist temple, Monkeys forest, Scenic from landscape, Millions of bats fly).

Time & Place Pick-up

  • Leaving early at 8:30am and will be finished at evening.
  • We’ll meeting with appointments.


  • Tour Guide (Guide driver).
  • Motorbike.
  • Drinking Water.
  • Taste Local Cousins.
  • Pick-up from hotel to meeting place.

Price of Tour

  • One person USD$40/Person.
  • Two people USD$75/Group.
  • Three people USD$105/Group.
  • Four people USD$140/Group.


  • Battambang Motorbike Tour , there are experience tour guide full knowledge of guide tour in Battambang.

Full Day Tour

Battambang is Cambodia‘s second most populous city and a popular tourist destination due to the many nearby ancient temples, Buddhist shrines and the famous bamboo railway. We would like to recommend you do a Full Day-Battambang Tour with a great guide who showed you surrounding.

Full Battambang Tour do all things with tourist $ local attractions from north, south and west of Battambang city. These main things do with full day tour by tuktuk or car . but we spent a lot of time with viewing of villages, rice fields, fruit farms, ancient house and talk to local people on the way of tour also we will be learn about Cambodia culture.

What To Expect


Stop at :  Bamboo Train

First we go to see original Bamboo Train at Odombong Village. we will be here about an hour if you ride Bamboo Train. We can see mini old translations, scenic from rice fields, and walk around village for 20 minutes before return back on by Bamboo train.

The way to :  Ek Phnom Temple

After have fun by riding Bamboo Train in the morning, we explore the north of Battambang countryside. We will stop to visit the villagers and see how they produce local products such as fish paste, sticky rice, rice papers, rice wine and learn how do they dried banana. Also we can get a chance to learn more about the Khmer Rouge when we visit the well of shadows ( in Wat Samrongknong ) , a monument to honor the people killed during the war.

last thing to see at the north side is Wat Ek phnom temple then back to city to have lunch or we can have in the village if time lunch.

The way to :  Wat Banan Temple

Wat Banan Temple After take a break, we will leave city around 12:00pm and continue to see Wat Banan temple and get an experience beautiful panoramic views. but many things on the way, we can see such as Suspension bridge, Riverbank, Farming and ancient house.

Last attraction :  Phnom Sampeau mountain

Last thing in full day-Battambang tour on the afternoon,we continue the tour in our TukTuk or car towards Phnom Sampov mountain, It is shrines and killing caves used during the Khmer Rouge period. Enjoy the vast and beautiful scenery and end our journey before sunset and visiting the ‘Bat army’ –thousands of bats flying out of their caves in the mountain side at dusk.

Departure & Return

Departure Point

  • Traveler pickup is offered
  • Tell us where we can pick up in Battambang accommodation . we will go to pickup. And also you come directly to Chhaya Hotel or search in Google map as “Battambang Trip” you will see our location.

Departure Time

8:30 AM

What’s Included

  • Lunch bottled waters.
  • Banan Entrance fee.
  • Phnom Sampeou entrance fee.
  • Ek Phnom entrance fee.
  • Local snacks on handicraft.
  • Tour Guide ( Driver guide ).
  • Pickup and send off hotel.

Stops Additional Info

  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Stroller accessible
  • Near public transportation
  • Infant seats available
  • No heart problems or other serious medical conditions
  • Most travelers can participate
  • This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate

Cancellation Policy

  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.
  • This experience requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund.
  • This experience requires a minimum number of travelers. If it’s canceled because the minimum isn’t met, you’ll be offered a different date/experience or a full refund.

Cost Tour

Transport by tuktuk:

  • One person USD$40.
  • Two people USD$28/each.
  • Three people USD$22/each.
  • Four people USD$19/each.

Transport by car:

  • One person USD$55.
  • Two people USD$35/each.
  • Three people USD$25/each.
  • Four people USD$20/each.

Bike Tour & Homestay

Bike Tour & Homestay are designed for anyone who is looking to learn about rural life of local people with their culture as well as capture the best secret spot of local attraction, this overnight bicycle tour is designed for visitors who wish to experience Battambang countryside beyond two full-day tours. this Bike Tour & Homestay goes beyond not just seeing the tourist attraction and delves into the rich history and culture of Cambodia whilst cycling through the scenic land of Battambang countryside.


Homestay nearby Phnom Sampau mountain

This tour is to take you away from the touristic route as you will take part in a bike ride through off the beaten path to see the village and explore the hidden trails around countryside. Riding a bicycle around a small local village, enjoying traditional Khmer/handicraft.

The Bike Tour & Homestay enjoy an overnight stay at a local village, interact with the local community with Khmer Home Stay. It is a unique experience for those travelers interested a more meaningful and a closer look into Khmer rural life , you will be able to see and learn many interesting with local in their village. Such experiences are intended to provide cultural immersion in Khmer village lifestyles, allowing visitors to see how real Khmer families live, try the taste of real Khmer food, learn Khmer phrases, visit local Pagoda, school, market, silk weaving village.

What to expect on day one


Nationwide of Cambodia Tour

Cambodia Tour use taxi with best English speaking driver in Battambang.

Recently, Cambodian government is trying the best to promote our country’s tourism to the world. It means that we are ready to welcome all travelers to all parts of the kingdom. There are a lot of natural resources and ancient historical heritage that we can use it to be products of tourism.

Not just only ancient temples in Siem Reap and other provinces, we still have more tourism sites and local attractions around Cambodia. Angkor Tour would like to recommend tourists to do all things in Cambodia such as eco-tourism site at Northeast region in Stung Treng, Kratie, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri . Things to do in each province in Cambodia such as:

  • Stung Treng, Cambodia. Phnom Preah Theat. Phnom Preah Theat is located in Thmey Village and Commune, Stung Treng District, about 2 kilometes (5mn) from Provincial Town. Wildlife. Mekong Discovery Trail. Thala Barivat Resort. Wat Phnom. Kantuy Ko. Hang Kho Ba Pagoda. Preah Ko Temple. (more details).
  • Kratie, Cambodia. Wat Preah Vihear (Kratie) Wat Preah Vihear (Kratie) Golden lions guard the gates that lead to peaceful and heavily shaded temple grounds. Chruoy Rey. Phnom Preah. Wat Vihear Kuk. Phnom Sam Bok Resort. Sambor Town. Phnom Sopor Kaley. The 100-Column Pagoda. (more details).
  • Ratanakiri Province. Top Choice Lake. Boeng Yeak Lom. Top Choice International. Cafe Alee. Top Choice International. Green Carrot. Park. Virachey National Park. Waterfall. Chaa Ong. Waterfall. Ka Tieng. International. Pteas Bay Khmer. Cambodian. Coconut Shake Restaurant. (more details).
  • Mondulkiri, Cambodia. Bou Sra Waterfall. Pou Lung Village. Sen Monorum Waterfall. Pahlung Village. Memang Gold Mines Area. Chrey Yos Waterfall. Rum Near Waterfall. Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort. (more details),

Beaches: K4 Provinces such as Kompong Som (Shihanuk ville), Koh Kong, Kep, and Kampot .

Capital City Phnom Penh: Killing Field, Wat Cheung Ek, Khmer Rouge Regime Museum of Toul Sleng, Wat Phnom, City Tour, etc.

Tonle Sap surrounding province: Kompong Thom, Kompong Chnang, Kompong Speu, Battambang, Pailin, Oddormean Chey, Banteay Meanchey, Siem Reap and Preah Vihea.

Cambidia Tour” is also ready to provide you a wonderful trip of traveling to all of those destinations. Please contact us for your itinerary.

Battambang to Siem Reap

Battambang is centered between Poipet (Border of Cambodia and Thailand), Phnom Penh and Siem Reap of tourist attractions. If you have traveled from Phnom Penh or Poipet to Battambang, you have not yet visited Angkor Wat, because you have a short time to depart from Cambodia via Poipet Pass to Thailand, you can take our service taxi trip from Battambang to Siem Reap in one day and return to Battambang or to Poipet.

What to expect

*After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive from Battambang to Siem Reap trip along National Road No,6. drive for two hours and we can stop on the way for a local lunch at Preh Neth Preah on the middle way between Battambang and Siem Reap trip for an hour.

*At noon, we will continue to spend half an hour. We will not stop in Siem Reap city and we can go straight to buy Angkor Wat tickets ( Entrance fee). so you can entrance to visit the temples.
Traveling to Angkor Wat, I would like to introduce you for this, only selecting the main temples, including:

*The temple of Ta Prohm, a large-scale temple complex or jungle temple and a Hollywood movie also play movie connect this temple ( it’s titled Tomb Raider). We will spend here only 40 minutes for visiting Taprohm temple and continue to visit Angkor Thom.

*Prasat Bayon is also considered a major temple that amazing with four faces which we will visit the temple after Ta Pram Temple. Bayon temple is located in the Angkor Thom area, with many temples such as Baphoun, Elephant & Liper King Terrace Phimeanakas temples, etc. and spent only 40 minutes here.

*At the time, we will visit Angkor Wat as a final visit to the Angkor site, and we spend one hour to visit Angkor Wat. We will leave the Angkor area by crossing Siem Reap by Pub Street, but we will not stop for a long time, we will leave the city to return to Battambang or return to Poipet.

Inclusions & exclusions

  • What’s included
  • Private tour
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water
  • Cool towels

What’s excluded

  • Insurance

Guides and languages

  • In-person: English
  • Audio: None
  • Written: None
  • In-person guide is not licensed or certified
  • In-person guide is also the driver

Price for transport

  • $150 by car ( Group: 3 to 4 people ), Drop-off Battambang .
  • $180 by car ( Group: 3 to 4 people ), Drop-off Poipet .

Walking Tour of City

Battambang walking tour…

Battambang city is Cambodia’s second largest city, and is known as the heart of Cambodia’s rice country – surrounded by a countryside of rice fields. Battambang is a peaceful and pleasant place to visit and relax. Battambang has historically been off the map for visitors, but roads and guesthouses have recently improved, making Battambang a great place to visit to learn about real Cambodian life. Highlights of the town include the many examples of French colonial architecture, and the Buddhist temples (Wat) that were built more than 300 years ago. The main parts of the city are situated close to the Sangkae River, a tranquil, small body of water that winds its way through Battambang Province and offers a pleasant, picturesque setting.

The greatest way to understand Battambang is by learning about the city’s culture, religion, and history through a walking tour with a local! The best time to walk around is in the late afternoon through the early evening, as temperatures cool. During our walking tour, we will visit a Buddhist temple – a sacred space for prayer in the Buddhist religion. From there, we will wall to many interesting sights to learn about the Cambodian way of life, including Provincial Hall and the Central Market (Phsar Nath Market).


  • Wat Domrei Sor Pagoda (Buddhist Temple)
  • Provincial Hall
  • Naga for Peace Statute
  • Main Train Station
  • Ancient Buildings
  • Museum
  • Phsar Nath Market (Central Market)


  • We will pick you up at your hotel between 3:00 and 3:30 pm
  • We start the tour at 3:30 pm in the afternoon once the temperatures begin to cool, and tour the city by foot until 6:00 pm.
  • We finish at the Central Market (Phsar Nath Market), with a sample of some local foods.


  • $5/pp


  • 3 hours


  • Water and snacks
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Some entrance fees


  • Personal expenses (pocket money)